The best of learning involves no school at all; “the world is school enough,” says George Leonard, a Zen philosopher and expert in Aikido.

Our world today is opportunistic in its learning.  Yet, there are no roadmaps, no curriculum, and no solidified outcomes. The path of mastery is not a goal; it is a process, a journey, every day in the boardroom, corner office, in the back office, and on the front line.

“By the middle of the morning, I feel as if my shoes are stuck in tar,” stated one CEO. There is no map to guide us on this journey or even to show it. The world “can be viewed as a prodigious journey against mastery” per Leonard. The good news is there are many others stuck in the tar by 10:00 am who share and learn together. An opportunistic perspective is we have many opportunities to advance our leadership mastery, every day.

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