The military experience offers a domain of inquiry about the human condition that can often be instructive about other life spheres as well.

Accordingly, this book covers a wide spectrum of study that can help us to better understand the lives of military personnel, veterans, and their families. The book is organized in three sections. • The first section looks at the need for the proper treatment of veterans and military personnel who have experienced different forms of trauma, such as moral injury.  • The second section looks at the impact on an individual’s identity as a result of traumatic change, such as the suffering of amputation or loss of limb. • The third section is focused on the challenges of military spouses, given that the well-being of military families has only received scant scholarly attention in the past. In sum, this book aims to provide an overview of a wide range of scholarship in the realm of contemporary veteran and military family issues. Each of the chapters are based on the groundbreaking research of seven doctoral graduates of Fielding Graduate University, edited by Miguel Guilarte, PhD and Barton Buechner, PhD.

Deedee Myers, PhD, MSC, PCC, CHIC Founder & CEO of DDJ Myers is a contributor to this important compilation dedicated to serve the military community.

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