This blog post is part of the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition originally posted May 29, 2013.

Talent is the capacity for achievement and we all have it! How we use our talent is an individual choice, sometimes conscious or unconscious. I meet exciting people in credit unions who want to step out more in their potential and look for a foothold or launch pad to take more advantage of their talent to support teams and organizations. For some of us, it is easier to access our potential and for others, it is more difficult for a variety of reasons.

Here is what I say: nominate both for the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive. The competition is ideal for those ready to showcase their developing vision and leadership skills and perfect for those who might find it more challenging to bring forward their ideas and innovations. Sometimes we need a presenting challenge or opportunity to step up our commitment of who we are becoming as a leader and we all need someone who believes in us.

“Most credit unions, in my opinion, have at least one person who should be nominated for this competition.”

Most credit unions, in my opinion, have at least one person who should be nominated for this competition. I suggest you look at your staff and indicate your commitment to their growth through a nomination. Last year, we heard from several competitors that it was a boost to their self-confidence to be nominated. They wanted to show up better at work, learn more, produce more, and be seen as a true leader. The mere act of nomination forwards the perception of the nominee’s self-confidence, sense of self, goal orientation, and personal effectiveness. And, there is no out-of pocket expense!

Credit unions are in a critical place in their history; emerging leaders need support and commitment of their CEOs and managers and this competition is pivotal in support. The learning experience for last year’s competitors was phenomenal. We heard reports about the uncovering of new ways to use talent, add value to the credit union, and develop skills that were under the radar. This is a win-win for your credit union and your leader!

So what are you waiting for? Nominate someone today!

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