This blog post is part of the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition originally posted June 5, 2013.

In a previous blog post, I suggested that every credit should nominate someone for the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive competition. This week, let’s take the same conversation a slice deeper and ask why the nomination is important and what the investment cost is to nominate.

When I list the reasons why to nominate one, two or three of your employees, it’s hard to choose which reason stands out the most for me.  These are top of mind today:

  • Overnight increase in employee morale of the nominee
  • Overnight increase in employee morale of peers and direct reports to nominee—they’re lining up for the nomination next year
  • Your credit union recognized for being an organization that supports high performers
  • A contributing factor to recruiting and retaining top talent—worth a mention in your classified job ad
  • Your members see your credit union as top tier
  • National recognition of your employee, as winner or one of Top 15 and/or Final Five competitors
  • A great story to tell the board
  • A winning story to tell new recruits—look what can happen to you, too!
  • Your mentoring of employees has a direct ROI
  • Increases in member service scores, Net Promoter scores or other metrics that might be the focus of the nominee’s project
  • It’s scary to think about not having someone to nominate
  • Free leadership coaching for Top 15 and Final Five
  • The entire credit union employee and member groups vote for the nominee
  • And on and on

Let’s shift to the investment to nominate: ZERO. There is no dollar cost to nominate your employees. All it takes is a few moments to go to to submit a name for nomination.

Last year, it was so rewarding to see the delight of the Final Five, the support they extended to each other during the competition and how the Top 15 benefitted from the leadership coaching. It is an honor to be nominated and I hope you can take this step on behalf of your credit union. Call me on my direct line at 602-840-1053 if you want to talk more about reasons to nominate.


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