Two maps in one

This is a must in your coaching tool kit as it includes two maps that support building and enacting mutual commitments.

The first map, the Accountability conversation, addresses making and fulfilling on promises and accountability which are present in almost every coaching and facilitation event. This sensible and innovative map fits into any client engagement and is foundational to a strong coaching practice. Clients experience an immediate return with an ongoing multiplier effect that produces a positive impact in communication, launching initiatives and managing breakdowns. You will effectively coach and build generative accountability through this model, which identifies the roles, options, and steps to building a mutual commitment to success.

The scalability of the Accountability Map reveals the key coaching opportunities for individuals and teams, including how trust is built (and broken), what competencies to emphasize (negotiation, building agreement, making strong requests, saying no with dignity), and how feedback will be managed. You will quickly apply this model in every client relationship for managing the accountabilities, both for you and for the client. Includes guide, agenda, and worksheets, and a 5’ X 5’ multicolored floor map and four hours private 1:1 training and invitations to group training webinars.

It also includes the Action-Feedback Model.

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