Ensuring Alignment at Your CU Right Now

Join us for an exciting, in-depth conversation on the topic of Organization Alignment. We’ll address some of the challenges credit unions are facing today, the researched strategies for achieving an empowered and aligned organization, and the important improvements needed in the financial services industry. Watch Here >

Start Your Board Assessment With A ‘BOP’

After establishing your board-organizing principle, consider four additional success factors. by Peter Myers. As with anything worth doing, board assessments are worth doing well—especially if the board has had an aversion to being “evaluated.” Committing to an assessment process begins with developing a shared understanding of what the board plans to accomplish and a realization […]

Leadership Under The Pressure Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

When the not-knowing gets stressful, good leaders respond with action based on best practices. Psychologists have studied people’s responses to the kinds of pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic is producing. These three research-based ideas about how to handle this pressure are mission critical for leaders in the present moment: Not knowing is more stressful than knowing. […]

NAFCU and DDJ Myers announce launch of their Organization Alignment Assessment

ARLINGTON, VA (July 27, 2020) — NAFCU and DDJ Myers announced the launch of a new Organization Alignment Assessment (OAA) that provides key stakeholders with the necessary alignment information to create optimal readiness. Now more than ever, credit unions need to see opportunities where their organization can perform to their highest, most equitable potential. Based on […]

Leaders are Forged from the Burning Platform

Finding our ground and agency amidst the pandemic, protests, faltering economy, work and school from home, and the political landscape is a daily necessity. This session takes us back to the basics of leadership presence and the self as our primary source of power. Building a competence to listen, not react, is urgently needed in […]

Success Through A Woman’s Lens

Embrace Your Gifts For Deedee Myers, Ph.D., CEO of CUESolutions provider DDJ Myers Ltd., Phoenix, success centers on feeling “at home in her skin” with work and the people involved. It’s embracing and sharing her values, gifts and talents. If success were an equation, hers would be: gifts/talents + values + beliefs + people + environment […]

Strategic Workforce Analysis in the COVID-19 Era

Credit unions are faced with a new burning platform regarding their workforce. As our offices and branches re-open, how do we effectively understand what makes a successful long-term remote worker, a hybrid worker, or full-time onsite worker? Or, when and how do worker rotation make sense? What kind of leadership behaviors are needed to manage […]

The CU Leadership Guide in a Pandemic World

The #1 impact is about people, how we see each other in this new way of life. I see an increase in capacity for empathy and compassion plus an expectation of self-accountability to fulfill your commitments with mastery. Revisit and refresh your succession process and plan and no longer hesitate to develop the right people […]

Six Mistakes Credit Unions Make When Recruiting Female Directors

Women make up the lion’s share—or should we say “lioness’s share”?—of membership at U.S. credit unions, but their representation on credit union boards is sorely lagging. Recruiting more women to fill board positions is not just a matter of checking off a box. It needs to be done well, avoiding mistakes that could lead to […]

Leading During Crisis – Communication and Culture from a Distance

Just when you thought you knew everything you needed to know about collaboration, communication, and culture…and then you didn’t. The current COVID-19 crisis is changing our lives and “workplaces” dramatically, and daily. With it comes new challenges, obstacles, and stress. How do you keep your business afloat and your members happy in this disordered world? […]

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