Using Crucial Data to Align Your CU

About the Webinar The Fourth Industrial Revolution necessitates that credit unions employ data-driven decision making to refine their financial operations and maximize razor-thin spreads. During this webinar, we’ll walk through how some credit unions are employing DDDM to more broadly evolve their operations, focus their talent, and deliver greater value to the membership. Who should […]

Preparing Your Board for the Coming Decade

The average board member is now in the midst of, at least, their third major governance challenge. Most board members today played critical roles during the Great Recession, have overseen a change in CEOs, and now find themselves navigating an increasingly complex and unpredictable confluence of external variables. The potential role and capability of boards […]

Simple, Innovative Steps for Aligning Your Board

Take a deep dive into the common challenges that credit union boards face, and the cutting edge methods available to overcome them. We’re sharing the easy steps boards can take to get more aligned, stay aligned, and realign if needed. We’re also talking about ways boards can handle the tougher topics that often go unaddressed. […]

Board Recruitment – Demystifying the Process

Nationwide, credit union boards are experiencing a similar challenge in finding the best possible talent to serve in a volunteer capacity (apparently citing the potential liability is not a great selling point!). The old method of recruiting and onboarding directors no longer works, and many boards are scrambling to fill a single position. DDJ Myers […]

Evolving Director Duties For Leading CUs – A Conversation For 2020 Growth

In this discussion, we’re talking all about the competitive landscape that requires boards to operate in a strategic capacity. We’re taking a look at the critical steps on the path to reaching new levels of strategic insight, capacity, and impact as a contributing board. Listen Here >

Shifting Your Career from Management to Leadership

We’re discussing the central characteristics in executives that have transitioned from being tactically effective to strategically impactful, and shedding light on what it takes to enact a strategic perspective to create meaningful and long-lasting change. Listen Here >

Part 2: New Rules for CUs—Is Your Board Aligned and Ready?

By Peter Myers  In our most recent post, we were encouraging boards, like the organizations they oversee, to reevaluate some of the standard practices that have always informed their business (like members no longer coming into branches). Historically, that would have been a crazy suggestion. Following suit, what are the unmentionable topics boards should discuss? […]

Part 1: New Rules for CUs—Is Your Board Aligned and Ready?

By Peter Myers Brace yourself. Data, one of the biggest influencers of our time, has a few lessons for us that may be bitter to taste and even harder to swallow. Nonetheless, we hope the lessons stimulate your appetite for action. A few dynamics are becoming more critically important as we reconsider processes in response […]

CEO Performance Evaluation Best Practices

The most important singular decision a board makes is hiring the best possible CEO to fulfill the organization’s objectives. However, discovering shared priorities, normalizing the rhythm of coordination, and effectively evaluating the CEO’s ongoing performance can feel like a full-time job—especially for a volunteer board! Best practices will be highlighted for boards to implement a […]

If You’re Ready To Be CEO, It Will Show, Plus A Lot More On CEO Succession For Both Boards And Candidates

What does it mean to be CEO-ready? How can candidates know when they’re ready? How can boards know a candidate is ready for the top slot? Some key things candidates should have if they’re really ready to lead an organization include a deep understanding of cross-functional leadership, solid knowledge of the business and how to work with […]

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