Leaders are Forged from the Burning Platform

Broadcast date: Thursday, July 16, 2020

Finding our ground and agency amidst the pandemic, protests, faltering economy, work and school from home, and the political landscape is a daily necessity. This session takes us back to the basics of leadership presence and the self as our primary source of power. Building a competence to listen, not react, is urgently needed in all. If we react to triggers without recentering to what is important, the outcomes have unintended consequences. Decisions about our organizational health, workforce, business model, succession, leadership across new workspace dimensions, shifting organizational cultures, and board leadership are just a few of the areas of shifting certainty and uncertainty. The one constant is the need for exemplary leadership with a presence vibrant enough to engage and empower others. Myers and Tolliver help us increase our capacity to be more self-aware so we see others more clearly and hear their perspectives. This session is ideal for anyone in a leadership role from the frontline staff to the boardroom.

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Strategic Workforce Analysis in the COVID-19 Era

Broadcast date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Credit unions are faced with a new burning platform regarding their workforce. As our offices and branches re-open, how do we effectively understand what makes a successful long-term remote worker, a hybrid worker, or full-time onsite worker? Or, when and how do worker rotation make sense? What kind of leadership behaviors are needed to manage a diverse workforce in multiple locations?

In this webinar, we’ll address the key considerations CEOs and CHROs need to decide how to best leverage a strategic workforce in this new way of doing business. Learn a practical application of assessing, designing, creating, and integrating a strategic workforce while staying true to your vision, mission, values, and priorities. Learn five key buckets to start with, in order to refocus your workforce strategy in processes, roles, responsibilities, employee engagement, and culture.

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Leading During Crisis – Communication and Culture from a Distance

Broadcast date: Friday, April 10, 2020

Just when you thought you knew everything you needed to know about collaboration, communication, and culture…and then you didn’t. The current COVID-19 crisis is changing our lives and “workplaces” dramatically, and daily. With it comes new challenges, obstacles, and stress. How do you keep your business afloat and your members happy in this disordered world? More than ever, your people are your most important assets. Helping them work through distance, distress, and disarray is a leader’s top job today.

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Blast the CEO Interview

Broadcast date: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

If you are the interviewee, how can you hit the ball out of the park in your interview for the top job? In this episode, you’ll get guidance from Deedee Myers, Ph.D., and Peter Myers. They are CEO and SVP, respectively, of DDJ Myers, Phoenix, CUESolutions provider for succession planning, executive recruitment, leadership coaching. Both Deedee and Peter have supported many CEO searches. Deedee emphasizes early in the show that the point of a first-round interview is to get the second-round interview. “It’s not to get the job, it’s to get through the gate,” she says.


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The Missing Elements in Strategic Planning Part 1

Broadcast date: Thursday, June 7, 2018

The ever changing industry dynamics facing boards and executive teams require a reinvigorated approach to formulating and executing the strategic plan. Volunteers and management alike are all asking for the same evolution in the dialogue: bigger picture focused, less tactical, more robust discussion, more inclusion, and clear measures of success. The missing element? The proven structure and roadmap to produce meaningful change in the strategic planning process.

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