Superior, WI


Announcing a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) search for Superior Choice Credit Union (Superior Choice). Superior Choice strives to provide excellent products and services and deliver outstanding service to improve members’ financial well-being. The credit union offers a supportive, collaborative work environment for employees to experience career growth. Superior Choice has tremendous potential to serve the membership and community. 

The board is looking for a strategic, collaborative leader with strong organizational leadership. As the CEO, you will develop relationships with the executive leadership team and board members. The board chair and CEO will have regular meetings to share thoughts and ideas. In addition to co-creating the long-term vision in partnership with the board of directors, the CEO has operational oversight, responsibility for the annual budget, hiring, managing, and developing the executive team, and overall organizational succession planning and career development. Demonstrated successful employee coaching and development is ideal. The CEO is responsible for determining what mergers and acquisitions, if any, the credit union should consider. The CEO will be responsible for bringing the credit union into a central service role within the community and is expected to spend relevant time in the community. 

The CEO will create a strong and healthy organizational culture and bring imagination and vision to how the credit union moves forward. As CEO of Superior Choice, you will participate in a reflective, purposeful decision-making process and contribute to creating a corporate culture that engages employees and creates wealth for members. The CEO ensures that the credit union’s policies are uniformly understood and correctly interpreted and administered by subordinates.

Applicants must have at least 10 years of similar or related experience at a financial institution and must demonstrate their commitment to continuous education. Candidates must have a college degree with a strong preference for an MBA. Ongoing learning and professional certifications are desired. Candidates must currently be impactful in their communities in leadership roles. The board wants to hire an optimistic, consistent CEO who has a sense of humor, enjoys people, and brings expected and unanticipated value. 

Resumes accepted through September 30, 2020 for a decision in November or December. If you know of anyone who is CEO ready, please share this with them! 

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