After Strategic Planning: The Missing Link

Published on August 14, 2018

The board of directors approved the strategic plan, and all the work that led up to the strategic planning event culminated in the alignment of the vision, mission, and strategic objectives. The hard work is behind us! Not really! After the plan is approved, the rubber hits the road with real-time action and deliverables. Clarity in communication, objective sharing, project planning, and task assignments still need to be assigned and monitored.

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6 ways – in 6 minutes each – to change the credit union movement

Published on August 7, 2018

The first full day of the CU Leadership Convention, a conference formerly known as the CU Directors Convention that takes place the first week of August every year in Las Vegas, had a brand new feature known as 6 x 6. It was billed as the Top 6 ideas that can transform a credit union in six minutes or less. As readers may have guessed, speakers had just six minutes to present. Topics ranged from taking care of your staff to telling stories to using mobile to attract millennials. Read on for more stories from 6 x 6.

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Coaching in Complexity

Published on July 23, 2018

Remember your first coaching experience at work? Most likely it was “You are doing great, keep it up!” Or, “We need to talk about . . .”

The profession of coaching has been more openly discussed in the past few years as a way to support organizational leaders or those who want to become leaders. More organizations need to be serious about allocating resources to develop and train managers and executives to be competent coaches in the workplace. Coaching on the spot in real time and at a scheduled time over weeks and months is a competitive advantage.

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