Developing Talent Must Be A Strategic Priority

Published on July 20, 2018

Though the executive team sets the course, mid-level leaders must be prepared for strategic execution.

Adapted from the white paper “The Missing Link in Strategic Execution: Developing Mid-Level Leaders,” from DDJ Myers. This white paper includes a description of the eight characteristics of strategically oriented mid-level leaders. 

The environment in which credit unions compete for members’ business has become increasingly crowded and complex, with threats posed by emerging rivals, new business models and the added burden of ever-increasing regulation. Maintaining a shared focus on strategic execution has never been more daunting or more essential.

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Say hello to the future of the credit union movement

Published on July 19, 2018

The Credit Union Executives Society recently named the 10 semifinalists for its annual Next Top Credit Union Exec competition. Out of 163 nominated candidates – representing emerging leaders age 35 and under from the credit union industry – the list was cut down to 23, and the Top 10 was selected in part by a public vote. The top five vote-getters automatically advanced to the Top 10 phase, and five additional applicants were chosen by a special judging panel of former NTCUE finalists.

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A CU Rising Star Shares Insight from Emerging Leaders Training

Published on July 17, 2018

In April, Lindsey Hartelroad, Lending & Accounts Control Manager with MountainCrest Credit Union, wrote about her experiences during the NWCUA-DDJ Myers Emerging Leaders Program. This is a follow-up to her first writeup. She was awarded the 2018 Strategic Link Tuition Contest to attend the program. The Emerging Leaders Program provides the next generation of credit union leaders the framework they need to coordinate and execute strategies and tactics that will strengthen their CU.

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Learning How To BE A Leader

Published on July 11, 2018

Developing mid-level managers’ leadership competencies is not about teaching tools. A common question that arises in our leadership development programs with executive teams or mid-level managers goes something like this: “I’ve got situation X at work. Which tool should I use to help me navigate the conversation?” We’ve also heard countless times, “If I had positional authority, I could turn this department around.”

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